Allie + Bess x SPRKL STUDIO Phone Case & Charm Set

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We linked up with the girlies over at Allie + Bess to bring you the ultimate summer phone case. Together we picked maybe the cutest possible rainbow pastel design for y'all, with SPRKL classics like smileys and fruits, and some A+B picks too (XO and french fries anyone?!). 

Phone case available in iPhone sizes 13 through 15 Pro Max. Charm available in two colorways, rainbow or purple. Designs may vary slightly from images as all items are one of a kind! 

Allie + Bess is a Dallas based brand dreamed up by two best friends, merging playfulness with sophistication in their beaded designs. Think colorful bracelet stacks, necklaces made for layering, and now a super limited edition phone charm to go with your SPRKL case!